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  • Galataport İstanbul Cruise Port

    Cruise Destinations & Ports


    İstanbul is one of the most enchanting destinations and the only metropolis in the World that merges two continents. With the Western half of İstanbul in Europe & the Eastern in Asia with the Bosphorus Strait flowing between them, it not only offers a rich historical heritage, but also a unique experience of entertainment, art culture, gastronomy and shopping to its locals and visitors. The historic areas of İstanbul was inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 1985, offering the most prominent examples of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture.

    Located at the heart of city, Galataport İstanbul is a major waterfront development project covering a length of 1.2 kilometers of coastline on the Bosphorus. At the center of the new developments will be the new cruise terminal to match world standards. Around the cruise port activities, Galataport İstanbul will be a mixed-use destination with various activities and functions appealing to the cruise passengers, crew, tourists, and locals alike. Galataport İstanbul will be the new landmark of the Bosphorus’ shore so that modern travelers come to see not only Ayasofya Grand Mosque or the Blue Mosque but also experience a new neighborhood dedicated to culture, art, design, new-generation shopping and gastronomy. Galataport İstanbul is projecting to host 1.5 million cruise passengers including the crew, seven million tourists and  25 million visitors per year.

    Galataport İstanbul is built as the world’s first underground cruise terminal with a special hatch system.  Therefore, the unique coastline will be opened for the use of İstanbulites and the visitors.

    The port management has created a “Port and Terminal Procedures & Contingency Plan” book to be applied from 2021 season. All necessary precautions against the COVID-19 outbreak are being taken in line with this document that has been inspired from the cruise lines procedures, international health authorities and other international ports’ protocols. Galataport İstanbul was also awarded with the “Eastern Mediterranean port showing the greatest commitment during the pandemic” award by MedCruise in August 2020.

    The port can accommodate 3 cruise ships simultaneously, giving it a capacity of approximately 15,000 passengers per day.

    Galataport İstanbul houses the finest works of modern art in Türkiye with the İstanbul Museum of Modern Art and Mimar Sinan University İstanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture, both of which are located inside its premises. İstanbul Modern’s new building will be the latest masterpiece of the world-renowned museum architect Renzo Piano.

    The Tophane Square, which was renovated as part of the project’s landscaping, will become the first museum square in Türkiye. Located at the center of the Museum Squarethe Tophane Clock Tower, dating back to 1848, is being restored on-site using a special technique.

    Galataport İstanbul features numerous domestic and international brands that offer a wide selection of Turkish and world cuisines.


    İstanbul with 5 senses
    • Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque)
    • Ayasofya Grand Mosque
    • Topkapı Palace
    • Süleymaniye Mosque
    • Ortaköy Mosque
    • Galata Tower
    • Dolmabahçe Palace
    • Basilica Cistern
    • Istiklal Street
    • Rumelihisarı (Roumeli Hissar Castle)
    • Yedikule Zindanları (Yedikule Fortress)
    • Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
    • Maiden Tower
    • Kumpir (baked potatoes with various toppings)
    • Balık ekmek (grilled fish sandwich)
    • Local dishes in luxury and boutique restaurants
    • Rakı (Special Turkish alcoholic beverage)
    • The tulips in spring months
    • The endless variety of spices in Spice Bazaar
    • The friendly cats and dogs of İstanbul
    • The continuous breeze coming from the Bosphorus
    • The fresh air in the forests of İstanbul
    • The sun and the sea in a Bosphours Tour
    • The ferry boats sounding their horns
    • The seagulls’ songs
    • The stories of Grand Bazaar