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  • İzmir Port

    Cruise Destinations & Ports

    A slow-paced city with the most favorable climate, İzmir is an important port city on the western coast of Türkiye. The city is well-connected through its harbors, modern airport and highways, and welcomes visitors with its relaxed Aegean character. İzmir is Türkiye’s third-largest metropolis with a population of a little more than four million. The city extends over a larger peninsula including many coastal resorts and inland villages.

    İzmir, the “Pearl of the Aegean,” is the birthplace of the epic poet Homer and a city with 8,500 years of history. In recent history it was known as Smyrna. The famous historian Herodotus describes İzmir as “a place where the most beautiful sky and climate known on earth”. A coastline of more than 600 kilometers and of unmatched beauty is embroidered with magnificent ancient cities, two of which, Pergamon and Ephesus, are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    İzmir was one of the cities named in the Seven Churches of Revelation and hosted many important centers of early Christianity. The House of the Virgin Mary is located on the slopes of Bulbuldag, just a few kilometers from Ephesus.

    Port İzmir

    Port İzmir is located on a sheltered bay in the Aegean Sea in the Eastern Mediterranean, surrounded by mountains on all sides. Besides passenger ships (ferries and cruise vessels), the port serves large container ships. 

    The seaport is also used as a gateway to Türkiye's ancient sites of Ephesus, which is among the world's largest religious and archaeological sites, and Sardis, an ancient city in Manisa Province. The city has an archaeological museum with a unique collection of artifacts from the surrounding areas. Cruise ship tourists can also visit Çeşme Peninsula, popular for its picturesque villages, beautiful beaches, and large bazaar.

    Port Info

    Berthing Line Length: 3650 m

    Number of Berths:


    City Center: 0 m

    Airport: 42 km

    View Details: https://www.tcdd.gov.tr/content/46


    İzmir with 5 senses
    • Ancient city of Ephesus
    • Ancient city of Pergamon
    • House of the Virgin Mary
    • Ancient city of Smyrna
    • Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar
    • İzmir Clock Tower
    • Kadifekale
    • Asansör, İzmir’s historical elevator
    • Kordon, İzmir’s seaside promenade
    • İzmir Archaeology Museum
    • Saint Polycarp Church
    • Basilica of St. John
    • İzmir Bird Paradise
    • Kumru sandwich
    • Boyoz
    • Tulum (Cheese)
    • İzmir Köfte
    • The Aegean Herbs
    • The Meze’s with Rakı
    • The local olives and virgin olive oils
    • The local grapes and wines
    • The turquoise sea and golden sands in the blue flag beaches
    • The sunshine during almost 12 months of the year
    • The stories of Ephesus and Pergamon ancient citites
    • The story of exploration of the House of Virgin Mary
    • The deep history of İzmir