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  • İzmir - Dikili Port

    Cruise Destinations & Ports

    Located 120 kilometers north of İzmir city center, Dikili is a picturesque district that extends both along the coast and inland.

    Archaeological research shows that settlement in Dikili dates back to 5000-4000 BC. By traveling half an hour from Dikili Port, you’ll arrive at the ancient city of Pergamon.

    This beautiful and green district is known for its hot springs such as those in the villages of Nebiler, Bademli, and Kocaoba. 

    Dikili is covered in fertile agricultural land. Olive groves, cotton fields, and fruit orchards extend from the roadside. You shouldn’t leave without tasting the local fruit!

    There is also good news for campers: the forests at Alaçam Mountains in Dikili offer you beautiful campgrounds.

    Caves in the villages of Demirtaş and Deliktaş

    Aşıklar Waterfall

    Bademli village

    Port of Dikili

    The pier at Dikili Port is 15 meters wide and 132 meters long. 

    Dikili Port offers accommodation, loading-unloading, and terminal services. The port is large enough to accommodate three passenger ships simultaneously, and has good land transport connections. 

    Many cruise ships call at Dikili for visits to the ancient site of Pergamon.

    Port Info

    Berthing Line Length: 252 m

    Number of Berths: 3


    Town Center: 5 min walk

    Airport: 150 km

    View Details: http://www.portofdikili.com/DefaultEN.aspx


    Dikili with 5 senses
    • Ancient city of Pergamon
    • Aşıklar Waterfall
    • Bademli Village
    • Tulum (Cheese)
    • İzmir Köfte
    • The Aegean Herbs
    • The local olives and virgin olive oils
    • The local grapes and wines
    • The cool air in the caves at Demirtaş and Deliktaş villages
    • The silance in hidden beaches