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  • Trabzon Port

    Cruise Destinations & Ports

    Located by the East of the Black Sea, Trabzon is a crucial city for maritime transport, connecting Türkiye to Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, and Russia on the other side of the coast and the rest of the world. The Trabzon Port, therefore, holds a key spot for international trade and tourism in Türkiye.

    The port dates back to 1903, and it was built on carved rocks. At the beginning of the 18th century, Trabzon port was one of the top 5 ports in the Ottoman Empire. The port held its significance until decades later. In 1980 due to the increasing number of ships and busy maritime traffic, a modernization project was carried out. The new and improved port was opened in 1990 to meet the demand of the thriving cruise tourism and trade.

    Each year on average, 10 cruise ships visit the port, carrying happy travellers eager to discover the beauties of the Black Sea. The port also continues to hold a key strategic location in maritime trading, and it has the capacity to accommodate 2500 ships per year.

    Port Info:

    Berthing Line Length: 2235 m

    Number of Berths: 8


    City Center: 500 m.

    Airport: 3.5 km.

    View More Details: https://trabzonport.com.tr/en/home/