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  • Kuşadası Port

    Cruise Destinations & Ports

    In the province of Aydın, just south of İzmir, Kuşadası is a popular holiday town on Türkiye’s Aegean coast. It is located on one of the important coasts that connect Anatolia to the Mediterranean Sea. In antiquity, Kuşadası was known as Neopoli.

    Today, Kuşadası hosts a modern cruise port. The port offers access to see gorgeous Ephesus, one of the world's largest and most important ancient archaeological and religious sites, the House of the Virgin Mary, the Basilica of St. John, and peaceful Şirince, a small village famous for its wine and architecture.

    Kuşadası hosts natural beauties alongside important historical sites. The Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is a huge natural reserve that is home to 209 different bird species and almost all plant species endemic to the region from Anatolia to the Caucasus.

    From the cruise ship pier in Kuşadası Harbor, the town looks beautiful. Passengers can walk between cafés and shops, and climb to Kale district, inside the old city walls. The island of Güvercinada (Pigeon Island), connected to the mainland by a relatively narrow causeway, awaits visitors with a Genoese fortress.

    Ege Port Kuşadası

    Kuşadası is one of the Aegean Sea’s most attractive towns and is close to many historical sites. In 2019, the cruise port welcomed around 200,000 tourists.

    The port is open to Oasis-class cruise ships. With its two-finger piers, it can berth up to four large vessels, or four smaller and two large vessels.

    Ege Port provides full terminal services, marine services, and auxiliary services. The modern passenger terminal has duty-free shopping areas, a first-aid care facility, and a passenger and crew center equipped with Internet and other communication facilities that provide the utmost comfort to both passengers and crew members. The Scala Nuova Shopping Village located within the port offers wide-ranging shopping and dining opportunities for shopping enthusiasts.

    Thanks to extensive investments, Ege Port has become the busiest cruise port in Türkiye and is a major port of call in the Eastern Mediterranean.

    Port Info

    Berthing Line Length: 1,297 m

    Number of Berths: 8


    City Center: 50 km

    Airport: 64 km

    View Details: https://www.globalportsholding.com/ports/7/ege-port-kusadasi 


    Kuşadası with 5 senses
    • Ancient city of Ephesus, an UNESCO World Heritage Site
    • House of the Virgin Mary
    • Basilica of St. John
    • Büyük Menderes Delta National Park
    • Ancient Greek sanctuary of Didyma
    • Ancient city of Priene
    • Güvercinada Castle
    • The local virgin olive oils
    • The local pine honeys
    • The various delicious Aegean herbs
    • The endemic species of the region: Aydın Ölmez Flower, Kuşadası Tüllüşahı, Yakalı Çan Çiçeği, Şakayık
    • The golden sands at the beaches
    • The friendly cats in Ephesus
    • The story of St. John
    • The waves at sunset time