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  • Mersin Port

    Mersin, a rising star of world tourism, is set on a long coastline in the eastern part of the Turkish Riviera and boasts the cleanest seawater along this coast.

    Mersin is a city of long beaches and enchanting inlets with the Taurus Mountains rising immediately behind them. Mersin is one of the important ports of the Mediterranean and a centre of maritime commerce, just as it was during ancient times. The plains of this sun-kissed city are resplendent with some of the best lemon and orange groves in Türkiye and its countless vineyards curl up into the low foothills of the mountains.

    The story of mankind began a long, long time ago in Mersin. The Çukurova plain, one of the best naturally irrigated and fertile spots in the Mediterranean basin, was the site of one of the first settlements where people learned to work the land. What is more, there were also forests just behind this great plain so suitable for agriculture. The first settlements in this area, known in ancient times as Cilicia, date back to the Prehistoric age. The city of Mersin (ancient Zephyrium) occupies the site of an extremely ancient city known as Kizuwatna of the Hittites. At the Yumuktepe Tumulus, 3km west of the city, excavations have unearthed several successive settlements dating back to 6000 BC and the Neolithic age.

    Mersin Port

    Mersin International Port answers to the regions international trade and tourism needs. Located at the heart of the East Mediterranean, MIP has become a port of call for cruise ships in the Mediterranean Sea. Mersin International Port is suitable port for cruise vessels. 3,500m2 parking space is available next to the berth for buses and cars.

    Port Info

    Berthing Line Length: 3370 M

    Number of Berths: 21


    City Center: 3 Km

    Airport: 86 Km to Adana Airport

    View Details: https://en.mersinport.com.tr


    Mersin with 5 senses
    • Kızkalesi (Maiden’s Castle)
    • Ruins of the ancient cities as Pompeiopolis
    • Soloi
    • Kanytelis
    • Tantuni
    • Local Anamur Banana’s
    • Kerebiç
    • Blue Crab
    • The cool air in the big caves as Cennet (Heaven)
    • Cehennem (Hell)
    • Narlıkuyu
    • Asthma
    • The sunshine during 12 months
    • Golden sands and navy-blue Mediterranean Sea
    • The deep history of the region
    • The story of Kızkalesi