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  • Sinop Port

    Cruise Destinations & Ports

    Sinop is one of the calmest cities in Türkiye where the deep blue and dark green of the Black Sea meet in the north of Anatolia. It's a city that draws attention to both its history and nature. Sinop is the home to artifacts from the Roman, Seljuk, and Byzantine Empires that are housed in Sinop Fortress, which was built in ancient times and has survived to this day thanks to various restorations.

    The first evidence of civilization here dates back to 4500 BC. It was founded as a major colony by Miletian colonists in the seventh century BC and was the birthplace of the third-century BC philosopher, Diogenes the Cynic. The Sinop Citadel and the foundations of the temple dedicated to Serapis, who was supposedly born in Sinop, date from that period.

    You can swim in the cold waters of the Black Sea at Karakum Beach, enjoy the sun at Hamsilos Bay, walk around Erfelek Waterfalls, and visit Sinop Fortress Prison, currently a museum, that was built as a castle 4,000 years ago and is known as the “Alcatraz of Anatolia.”

    Besides, excellent fish restaurants along the charming fisherman's wharf serve tasty meals as brightly coloured boats bobbing in the water complement the picturesque setting. Sinop also stands out for its traditional nautical wooden carvings.

    Port Sinop

    Port Sinop welcomes tourists on cruise ships as the Black Sea’s only natural port.


    Sinop with 5 senses
    • Paşa Tabyası (Pasha Bastion)
    • Sinop Fortress Prison
    • Hamsilos Bay
    • Alaeddin Mosque
    • Tarihi Su Kanalı (Historical Water Tunnel)
    • Balatlar Church
    • Sinop Archaeological Museum
    • Erfelek Waterfalls
    • Hamursuz Tatlısı
    • İçli Tava
    • Sırık Kebab
    • The fresh oxygen of high plateaus: Güzfındık and Bozarmut
    • Grilled Erfelek’s Chestnut
    • The cool water and cool air in waterfalls
    • The grass around Akgöl
    • The story of the historical prison of Sinop
    • The story of foundation of the city